Artificial Ways to Raise the Chances of Having a Girl

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If you tried any natural method so far and none gave you the results you’ve wanted, then maybe it’s time to take a look at some of the artificial ways which are available. If your greatest desire is having a baby girl here are some artificial techniques that might get you where you wanted. Like any other methods, these techniques have their prices, advantages, disadvantages and their risks.

Artificial Insemination

It is one of the highly used methods to raise the chances of getting pregnant with a girl. Also known as AI, this method has been applied for women all over the world. The most benefited technique of AI is meant to be the intrauterine insemination.

With other words what are the benefits with this method and what are the costs? Well, in this case for a better look inside of this technique, let’s have a look at the term. Artificial insemination involves a fertilization procedure where the male sperm is introduced artificially into a woman’s cervix or her uterus.

If it is in her cervix, then the operation we are speaking of refers to intra cervical insemination while if the place is the female uterus then it is referred to as the intrauterine insemination. The first method is highly used, and the costs for it are much cheaper than the second one. With this procedure, the rates for success are higher.

What happens in this first procedure is that the donor sperm is deposited in the cervix, without any pain at all, and you’ll give a head start for the sperm to enter and make its way to the egg in order to fertilize it. Learn how to have 94% success in conceiving a baby girl.

On the other hand, the intrauterine insemination is also known as artificial insemination by your partner-the husband. It is a help in some forms of infertility and is many times simpler. The highly raised chances in this treatment procedure come in a combination with ovarian stimulation. What happens in this procedure is the placement of sperm in the fallopian tubes.

This procedure will help those couples where the man has sperm deficiencies or the woman has some cervical mucus problems, but in other cases as well. Mainly an artificial insemination is quite expensive due to the expertise that is required to be performed. Some of these are drug therapy, diagnosis and even investigation, the procedure itself and the admission, not to mention that some changes might appear on the way that will require some extra costs.

Before you go through all this routine make sure that you get informed on the benefits that exist. Speak with the physician about the costs that can be offered since it can really be a good option to consider. It will make all the treatment procedure more affordable.

The benefits that one person can encounter with the artificial insemination is that the donor sperm can be tested and screened before the actual insemination. It can reduce passing a genetic disorder to the child.

The donor sperm

The married women can choose to be inseminated with their husbands’ sperm if it is viable or by another sperm donor through a sperm bank. Donor sperm procedure is also used in the cases where the patients can’t afford more expensive treatments such as ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injection or in such cases that the husband could actually be able to transfer genetic disorders to the embryo. But with the screen donor method, these problems can be avoided.

In vitro fertilization

Another option that is well-known but much more expensive than the artificial insemination is the so-called IVF or in vitro fertilization. The technique is very different since all that is going on is first outside of your body.

This procedure starts with stimulation the woman’s ovulatory process, removing the egg from her ovaries and then allowing the sperm to fertilize the egg outside her body in a controlled area. The fertilized egg has then a culture between two to five or six days in a growth medium. After this period passes by the egg, it is then implanted in the uterus of the same woman or of another one.

The results and the basic intention are to establish a successful pregnancy. In vitro fertilization is a procedure used in many cases in which the couples have found themselves confronted with infertility problems. Another part that involves this treatment procedure is in cases of gestational surrogacy, this involving a mother who will carry out the pregnancy as a surrogate.

Because of its costs, this procedure is only tried after many attempts and less expensive treatment plans. For better results to this method, some additional ones are added which involve ovarian hyper-stimulation with the aim to produce multiple eggs or one method that is mainly based on ultrasound transvaginal oocyte retrieval from a woman’s ovaries.

The chances of success are due mainly to the age of the potential mother that will influence the way the procedure works a lot or and is reflected in the internal functions of the ovaries. The best time to administer this treatment is if your age is between 23 and 39 years old.


This procedure comes from the same group as the IVF, the assisted reproductive technology, but with some differences. This procedure is about a tubal embryo transfer, and it’s also known as zygote intrafallopian transfer. It all occurs in a laboratory in which the specialists take the young embryo and place it in the fallopian tubes instead of the uterus.

There are many artificial ways to conceive a baby girl and the chances can increase. Making a further step with this will mean that you are ready to take it to the end. The essence is that you receive the whole support of your partner during these artificial procedures, and he also has to agree with them since many might involve him as well. Of course, that there are some single women who won’t require a second opinion due to the lack of a partner.

Because of the high costs many of them are not tried, being left as a later or last decision. Any artificial procedure can involve risks but at the same time the chance can be pretty high to have a healthy girl, which in the end will fill up the whole house with joy.

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