Boy or Girl Predictor

boy or girl predictor

So, you are pregnant and curious as to what you might be having. Is it a boy or is it a girl? There are many people that want and need to know this as soon as humanly possible and there are others that want it to be a complete surprise on the day the child is born. Maybe an ultrasound will be able to tell you around 20 weeks or maybe not. If the baby is not cooperating and lying in a perfect position, you may not be able to see the most important area to determine the sex of your future child. So, what are some great predictors of the gender of your child? Is the suspense just killing you? Check out some of these indicators and old wives’ tales to see if they hold true and that may just let you know what you are having.

Is your Baby Bump High or Low?

Is your baby bump sitting high or is it sitting low? Apparently, if it is sitting high, you are having a baby girl and if it low, break out the blue!

What is your Baby’s Heart rate?

If your baby’s heartbeat is over 140, then you better make way for the pink. If the heart rate is slower than 140 beats per minute, then you are probably having a boy.

Do you Have a Sweet Tooth?

If you have a sweet-tooth, you are probably having a girl, but if you are constantly craving salty snacks consider that a boy is in your future.

Have you checked the Ancient Chinese Birth Chart?

So, by looking at the age you were when you conceived and the month in which the deed occurred, you may be able to determine your baby’s true gender. Check out a Chinese birth chart to see what the consensus is.

Have you done the Urine Surprise Test?

Pee in a cup and a tablespoon of Drano and watch for the color change. If it is blue, surprise it’s a boy. If it is green, get ready for a little baby girl.

Have you done the Swing a Ring Test?

Put your wedding ring on a string and swing it over your belly. If it goes around in a circle, it is said to be a boy and if it goes side to side, you should prepare for a girl.

How do you feel?

Were you extremely sick and nauseous during your first trimester, then you are probably having a girl. If you had an easy first trimester with very little illness, you are probably having a boy.

Are you having a boy or a girl?

What is your Age?

Statistics and hormonal fluctuation says that if you are over the age of 35 when you conceive that you may be more likely to have a girl.

What is your Stress Level?

High levels of stress in the body may be involved in excess testosterone and this can accommodate more male sperm to penetrate the egg than female and may have a higher chance of conceiving a boy.

Are you Moody?

If you are extra moody and emotional, you are probably having a girl because of the extra estrogen coursing through your veins.

Are you looking Radiant?

If you are looking pretty rough and getting acne and dull hair, you may be having a girl who is stealing your beauty for herself. If you continue looking radiant and healthy then you are probably having a boy.

Predict boy or girl baby


Are you feeling Graceful?

If you are graceful and elegant during your pregnancy then you are probably having a girl; however, if you are clumsy, be prepared for a little guy.

What color is your Areola?

If the areola of the nipple changes to a darker color, you are having a boy. If it does not change color, it will be a girl.

Have you tried the Mayan Test?

The Mayans believed that the age when conceived and the year should be added and if they are odd, then you are having a boy and if the number is even it will be a girl.

What is your Intuition telling you?

Basically, just the feeling you have inside on it being a boy or a girl may be one of the most accurate tests. The mother’s intuition is hard to deny and is one of the best predictors of gender. What do you feel you have growing inside? Is it a little boy or a little girl?

All of these predictors are fun and interesting, but they may give conflicting results in the end. Even ultrasounds are not 100% accurate, so when the baby is born it may just be a surprise for you anyway! So, have fun with these questions and feel the excitement of not knowing and guessing. Soon enough you will know the true answer to your question and it will be worth the wait!




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