Eat your Greens to Have a Baby Girl

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There are many superstitions and thoughts on how to have a baby girl if you plan on becoming pregnant. However, there may be some truth to the eating your greens theory of having daughters. There are various studies that lend credence to the myth of greens and having a baby girl.


Scientists believe that if you eat a diet of vegetables and fruits with high levels of calcium and magnesium weeks before conception that you may be more likely to have a daughter. Therefore, eating vegetables, fruits, yogurts, cheeses, nuts, beans, broccoli and oranges just may be the key to having a baby girl.

A Dutch group studied “172 couples, all of whom wanted to add girls to their families-between them they already had 358 sons and just two daughters.” After this green diet, “80 percent went on to have daughters.” An article about greens from states, “From greens to spinach to kale, getting our calcium from dark, green, leafy vegetables is an excellent health choice. Spinach ranks very high in calcium, with 56mg of calcium per cup. A 100 g serving of collards packs a 145 mg calcium punch. One cup of steamed bok choy has around 158 mg of the mineral. Kale ranks in with 139 mg of calcium and the spicy mustard green has 103 mg of calcium per 100 g serving.”

There is also evidence that states that boys are often born to mothers on a high-caloric diet. If the mother is on a restricted diet or having poor nutrition can result in having a baby girl. This fact may line up with some of the foods we were discussing earlier, which indicated that the foods being eaten during conception can direct the sex of the child.Eat greens to have a baby girl

There was also a 1998 study, in Britain that stated that “women that were vegetarian had a higher rate of female births than male births”. These women adopted this diet throughout conception up until delivery. This fits the model of eating fruits and vegetables if you are trying to obtain a baby girl.


Some other fruits and vegetables that are high in calcium are sesame seeds, which pack a whopping 1000 mg per 100 g serving. Chia seeds have 631 mg per 100 g serving as well as have great omega 3 properties. Oranges are also amazing due to their 72 mg on top of them being packed with vitamin C, which helps with calcium absorption in the body. Dried fruits and nuts are also great sources of calcium with 5 figs giving 135 mg of calcium and almonds giving 266 mg per 100 g serving.

Foods high in magnesium are pumpkin seeds, which half a cup almost provides your 100% daily allowance of magnesium. Half a cup of soybeans provides half of your daily allowance of magnesium as well. Bananas provide 32 mg of magnesium in one serving, even though they are well known for their potassium levels. Yogurt provides 19 mg of magnesium in one container of low fat yogurt.

When it comes to gaining weight or getting fit and losing weight, you may want to start losing weight and getting healthier if you want to have a girl. Boys are often birthed by women who are eating hefty sized meals and especially eating chocolate. So, stop exercising and start relaxing if you want to conceive a boy in the next ovulation cycle.conceive a girl

Even with all the science and information out there, some people believe having a boy or girls may still probably near the 50-50 mark. However, if you are leaning towards one gender over the other, consider starting up one of the diets mentioned above in favor of the gender you desire. This diet has some scientific merit and may just shift the probability a little in your favor. Either way, it can’t hurt to be on a diet and get your body as healthy as possible prior to becoming pregnant and giving birth. Eat well and boost those greens to push for having a baby girl.



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