Getting Pregnant with a girl Tips

One of the most impressive and emotional feelings is when you will become a mom. Whether is your first time, your second or your third time, the emotions that overwhelm you when you find out about the great news are incomparable with many other things.

get pregnant with a girl

Trying to decide the gender of your baby is an issue debated for many years and it is a very old and yet modern practice. Many of the old traditional methods placed the whole accent on the woman since the influence of the man was not yet understood, because this influence is one that really has its role in determining the gender of your child. More tips here.

In time, the wisdom and knowledge on finding out that the man has an important role in deciding the gender has grew and it enlarged the desire to involve the other partner more.

As a mother, you might wish that after two births the third should be of a baby girl, or in any other cases where the mother wishes that her firstborn be a girl, with a right concentration and implication of both parts everything is possible and might come true. So here are some great tips to follow that will take you closer to fulfill your dreams and make it all happen.

The first one is based on when to have intercourse. Have sex with your partner two or three days earlier before your period of ovulation.

This process can be described best in medical terms and to understand why, let’s have a look to the female and male sperm. The female sperm has a bigger value then of your partner, this involving the fact that they are much lower swimmers. It is estimated by many surveys that girls live on average more than boys.

By having sex a few days before and not after the ovulation will give a clean start in getting pregnant with a girl. The tricky part is to figure out when to have sex with your partner, since the sperm in the mother’s body can live up to five days, and you need to keep it alive and the process should be as far from ovulation.

The fact is based upon the conception that the male sperm will not make it to the uterus, instead the girl sperm will. The whole thing is based upon your chances and right time synchronization. Because ovulating earlier or having an irregular cycle will lead you to conceive a baby boy instead of a baby girl. Also try to keep in mind to avoid unprotected sex as much as possible, at least for two or three days after you had the period of ovulation.

Also it is recommended to have sex once a day, but at the same time as your ovulation period is getting closer and closer stop having sexual relations about three days before you are expecting the ovulation.

What could help you is keeping a record of your period cycle, and then determining the period of your ovulation to make sure that everything is going according to your plan. You can take a calendar and by each month note every change that you see in your period and in your ovulation. Or you can predict it by charting your menstrual cycle with the BBT charts (in other words your basal body temperature). This will definitely help you point your ovulation more accurate.

But this is not the single method that influences you to get pregnant with a girl. Another method is still related to the intercourse and the environment that you allow your baby to grow in. A simple fact but yet important is to understand that the baby girl development is in an acidic environment, such as the entrance to the female vagina.

Your partner should make sure that the penetration is shallow and not deep and that the sperm is located more closer to the entrance of the vagina, as possible. This detail will allow the sperm of the man to inhibit and to raise the chances of the mother to conceive a girl.

Another tip is that sadly you’ll have to give up on having an orgasm, because the vagina then prepares an environment which is more alkaline and not suited for the girl sperm. You might want to try positions where the penetration can be shallower, positions such as the missionary position, or woman on the top or some others as well. But if you have encountered problems in one of these position by not conceiving at all, then it is likely that this position is not of great aid and that it is not recommended to use that particular position in your attempts to conceive a girl.

It will be for the best to increase the acidic environment by changing your diet. This will allow your body to adapt and to make some changes in the PH and in your body acidity. Make sure that you follow a diet that contains less sodium, caffeine and potassium but at the same time increase the level of calcium and magnesium in your body. This can be done by taking some supplements that have a higher level of calcium and magnesium.

Eat more viable foods such as turkey, rice, chicken, and add fruit and vegetables that do not increase the level earlier reminded such as green beans, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, spinach or dairy such as cheese, yogurt, eggs even corn, fish and many other ailments that are the best choices when you want to be a girl’s mommy.

Or you can take a look at some of the urban legends of old wives who had their way to predict how to get pregnant with a girl. These old tales of old wives will give you a head start on how to be sure that your dreams come true. Yet these legends have an impact in our days, because some of the traditions described in here are accepted by many new mothers.

It is said that if you wanted to conceive a girl then the woman should be the one responsible to seduce her man, especially if they wanted to have a baby girl.

Another interesting fact was related to intercourse and the full moon, adding that when a woman and a man had sex on the night of a full moon then the chances of the woman getting pregnant with a girl were higher.

You’ll find out that by eating chocolate or sweets, you’ll increase your sexual appetite especially with chocolate and it will lead you as a mother to get pregnant with a girl and be happy and fulfilled with your partner.

Among these wives tails there was the fact that if you were to have sex in the early evening then you could expect to have a baby girl. Referring to the mentioned and to many other tales, you’ll have to understand that none of these methods will guarantee the expected results. But many people have taken them into consideration and in many cases it led to be true, because based on the information they heard, they were able to conceive girls.

You’ll probably find out when you try it, so do not hesitate to give them a try, because you never know what could happen and when. It is not going to ruin a thing since a baby is a blessing as it is, and you might get what you’ve wished for.

You can also program the month of your baby girl if you’ll want her to be a baby born during spring time then your pregnancy should start during summer, and after nine months your child comes. Or in other cases if you want your baby girl to be born during autumn, then you can conceive during winter.

Each season will influence the personality and the characteristics of your baby girl, since each season is known to have some specific characteristics. For example if your baby girl is born during autumn, then it could be that the specific colors of autumn are red, yellow, brown, orange and more. This means that she’ll love her season most probably. She can be a melancholic girl or a true artist of colors, having various qualities inclined to beauty, and art. The mix of the colors will define many of her choices.

Having a baby girl will light your world up and it will bring you joy. Since all the children are important, the right balance is having boys and girls as well. The various experiences will lead you to a new level of understanding that every experience is one made to cherish.

Getting pregnant with a baby girl can be different compared to getting pregnant with a baby boy. Like every mother feels, a baby girl is a treasure that will lead you to a huge fulfilment. So, do not hesitate to document yourself and gain knowledge on the steps that you can fulfill to make it all happen. Various patterns will lead you to conceive a baby girl. For example, if in your family your mother and your grandmother had many girls then you are inclined to have many girls as well.

It is all wrapped in the chromosomes that you inherited from your parents, this increasing your chances of conceiving a baby girl a lot. So, go ahead and try it – you have nothing to lose, only to gain!

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