How to Conceive a Girl

conceiving a girl

Many couples struggle with the problem of needing a girl. It’s either a desire, a feeling that leaves their hearts feel like incomplete – we do need methods to know how to conceive a girl. For families that already had conceived a girl, this might seem unnecessary or boring, but to couples who only had boys in a row it is a real issue.

Although the methods I am now going to present to you are told to be working, it might not be 100% accurate, meaning that there might be exceptions. However, knowing that you give yourself at least 80-90% to succeed, I guess it’s worth a try. If you can find other methods than the ones discussed herein below, feel free to try them and see how they work for you. Find Here How to Conceive a girl

Before getting into the methods, I want to discuss the psychological aspects. In many things we are surrounded with, our own strong will and desires influence the final outcome of some situations. For instance, if you are working and you keep telling yourself that you are really tired and bored, you will end up feeling more tired and bored than ever before. Similarly, if you keep telling yourself that you can manage to finish the things you currently have on your mind, you end up being able to finish them easily. Essentially, the psychological effects of the man and the woman as well (the couple who is up to conceiving a girl) should truly tell themselves things like:

  • “Yes, I know I will have a girl”
  • “It’s so good to know that this time we are conceiving our girl”
  • “It’s never been easier to conceive a girl”

Also, while you keep telling yourself, believe these things! Don’t question them and don’t have any doubt about it. This way, you induce a very strong desire and a very strong psychological background which is working in your heads. This is very important, since during intercourse, you will think about these things, thus the results might be perfect!

Diet to Conceive a Girl

For a lot of married couples, it seems that magnesium and calcium were the substances to help them conceive a girl. Basically, with both calcium and magnesium you help the female sperm survive in favor of the male sperm. In other words, the mother’s body will favor the survival of the female sperm.

Potassium content as well as salty foods should be avoided as much as possible. I know a lot of people love to eat bacon, potatoes, salmon, processed meats, but these should be avoided, as well as many others that include potassium or are rich in salt.

As long as calcium-rich and magnesium-rich foods are concerned, they should be on the daily list, making sure that you consume them day by day. Beans are very favorable, as well as oatmeal and nuts will help you achieve your target. For vegetarians these are good news, as vegetables mainly fill up the list of foods that are rich in calcium or magnesium. You should also have a good intake of tofu or even yogurts.

While some people might put these things under dispute, you don’t necessarily have to believe them. In fact, behind these affirmations, there are medical studies conducted in Europe that reveal the truths behind diet changes. Experts said that such diet changes will likely help couples when they want to conceive a girl.

To have a short list of foods that you could have on your plate to help this diet, you should eat: bananas, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, peanuts, almonds, kale, kidney beans, lentils, goat cheese and dark chocolate.

Conceive a girl in another way – made in China

A lot of things are made in China, as well as the Chinese Birth Calendar. I am quite sure that most of you never even knew that a thing such as a Chinese Birth Calendar ever existed. So, how does this calendar tell you what to do? Basically, the calendar determines the chances of having a girl or a boy by knowing your age and the month you decide to conceive your child.

For instance, let’s assume that the woman is 30 years old (considering Chinese Age). The months (Chinese Months) that would favor her having a boy are the 1st month, the 11th month and 12th month. With other words, if the woman truly wants a girl, she should agree with her husband to conceive a girl from the 2nd month to the 10th month, any month between these months. Contrary to this, an 18 years old woman is a lot less favorable to have a daughter. Except the 1st month and the 3rd month, an 18 years old woman would only have a boy, according to the Chinese Birth Calendar. So, you should find an online Chinese calendar conversion to find your Chinese Age and to find what Chinese Month it is to correctly be able to read the calendar, which is based on these numbers.

Make use of modern science through the Ericsson Method

Although the Ericsson Method is not the only method for a couple to successfully conceive a girl, it is considered one of the cheapest methods which are commonly used, based on scientific research. The method works on a simple principle and thus it is expected to give maximum results, to give the best results for patients. There is male sperm and female sperm and we know (from medical research) that the male sperm swims a lot faster than the female sperm. Thus, the technique which makes the Ericsson Method possible is quite simple: a tube-like object (called column) is used and a substance is applied on the inside. This substance holds sperm in place after a given time interval. As a result, due to the speed of the male sperm, the female sperm is separated from the male sperm very simply.

Not every doctor will want to help you if you choose the Ericsson Method. This happens mainly because some doctors think that there is a lack of scientific evidence. Although there might be a lack of evidence, people tried this method and they weren’t disappointed. So as soon as you find a doctor who is able to help you, you will be able to enjoy having the girl you conceive.

The only possible problem with this method is that you will have to pay. The price is maximally a thousand dollars, so compared to other paid methods it can be considered cheap.

Yet another method to conceive a girl

There’s another method that is commonly known and used, called the Shettles Method. This method will first have you know where you will have the ovulation. It’s quite easy to observe ovulation, you only need to observe your cervical mucus periodically. Basically, a month in which you make a note of the mucus every day, you will know the exact date of the ovulation. To help you succeed in this method, the above mentioned diet method will be of great help. One or two days before the actual ovulation, conceiving is recommended.

You should also observe your body temperature, because when the ovulation is approaching, the temperature mostly tends to rise. If you don’t really count on observations such as this, there are kits that help you predict the ovulation. The kit will tell you a day in advance, just in time for you to arrange the intercourse with your husband.

Then, interestingly, the intercourse should not induce orgasm to the female. The reason for this is simple: the orgasm produces certain substances which will be less favorable to the female sperm and the muscular contractions will also cut out the female sperm’s possibilities. Thus, a gentler form of intercourse is recommended to avoid the woman’s orgasm.


You can choose to work with one or more of these methods that will help you conceive a girl. Feel free to read further articles and information on the internet to find out more!

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