How to Conceive a Girl Using Various Methods

choosing the sex of baby

Any mother has expectations and dreams about what her baby will turn out to be, and her desires might become a need that follows over the weeks early the pregnancy. If you already have a boy and would much like to have a girl, here are some tips that many have followed and turned out to be true. The techniques are complex and yet some of them will give you more confidence. Find out how to conceive a baby girl!

The first rule when trying these tips is to never give up, and step by step you can advance with your partner into a daily (and fun!) routine of making it all happen. Many will wonder about this – how you can conceive a girl and really succeed in it? The key is getting to know more about your body and the things that influence it making the whole baby plan to be accomplished.

The Chinese lunar birth calendar

It has become a huge tradition by now, one that in many cases has turned out to be true. The Chinese lunar birth calendar will increase the chances of giving birth to a girl, and this can apply also for having a boy. Even if there are many people who are more skeptical, certain methods used in the bedroom, as well as certain positions, or a specific diet will contribute a lot to the next step, which is conceiving a girl.

The Chinese lunar birth calendar estimates in charts that the success rate is almost of about 98 percent, and the chances are really high as long as you follow the steps as they are described. Based on the theory itself, the gender of the baby is determined by the month in which the future mother conceives and by her age. For example, if you are a woman in her twenties and you want to conceive a baby girl then your attention should implicate months like January, May, July and those stipulated according to the Chinese calendar. Be 94% sure of conceiving a baby girl.

Apparently, there are certain months that indicate the chances to be much higher for conceiving a girl. This tradition with the whole Chinese lunar birth calendar started many centuries ago and was adapted during the years for a proper use that will allow you to benefit from it.

Eat specific aliments

Another thing that will influence a proper environment for the development of the girl is to eat following a specific diet that will help to sustain an acidic environment. Prescribed by many gender tellers, this girl diet start a few weeks earlier before the act of conceiving takes place. By following the diet you’ll be able to influence the PH in your body and increase the chances of determining the gender of your baby.

According to this train of thoughts you’ll have to eat plenty of acidic foods, like mainly fruits such as lemons, oranges and other that will allow a highly acidic base. This will enhance the chances of the female sperm to get to the egg, by killing the male sperm that dwells in an alkaline environment.

Those who apply this theory with accuracy add that this diet should have a low level of salt and potassium but should be higher on calcium and magnesium if your true desire is to conceive a girl. An acidic environment is not only built by eating acidic foods but it is based rather on junk foods that have the same influence. Of course, the point is also to have a balanced diet during your pregnancy time.

A shallow penetration

As mentioned earlier, the position inside the bedroom will influence the gender of your child. According to some specialists, the entrance in the female vagina is more acidic and prolific for a girl to be conceived. Since the male carrying sperm doesn’t handle an acidic environment well, the options are to use a shallow penetration.

Usually the most recommended position in this occasion is the missionary position that is favorable for conceiving a girl. If you are getting bored you can be creative but stick to the concept of shallow.

When time is right

According to some of the experts’ opinions, the time when you conceive is one of the most important moments and of the factors that determine the gender of your baby. The boy’s chromosome is defined by Y and the girl chromosome is defined by X. These two chromosomes are very particular and distinctive in what involves the sperm. The Y sperm chromosome is defined as being a fast swimmer that will not survive for a too long time in the reproductive tract, compared to the girl sperm.

The X chromosome is not such a fast swimmer but it will last longer in the reproductive tract, and all these tips will give the girl sperm a higher chance than that of the boy sperm. It is more likely to be able to conceive a girl than to conceive a boy if you have sex every day for two to four days before you ovulate and then make pause one to two days before and after ovulation.

The premises that build up this theory are that by now all the male sperm have died, leaving only the female sperm to fertilize the egg, this involving the time of your ovulation. Instead if you have sex on the day you ovulate, it will increase the chances for having a boy and not a girl since the boy sperm will beat up the girl sperm up to the egg.

This will assume that you really have to keep a calendar with your cycle period that will help you estimate the period of your ovulation. Or another idea will be to take an ovulating test that will help you determine when you are ovulating.

Make some heat

If you are as a couple on that part where you are opened to the new and you are ready to try some new phases in conceiving here is one other concept.

There are some theories that will claim that the girl producing sperm like the warmer temperatures as for the boys producing sperm it will be the opposite of the temperature. If you want to give a shot to this concept, you might want to advise your partner to take a hot bath before the sexual act (this assuming that you want a baby girl). Just keep in mind not to overdo with the whole warm and hot environment.

Abstain yourself from having an orgasm

Some methods will give you a clear concept that having an orgasm or not will influence deeply the sex of your baby. This role of women not having an orgasm is sustained by some concepts that deal a lot with what is going on a woman’s body after she had an orgasm.

The premises of the theory include the fact that the body of a female who has an orgasm releases a specific substance that will increase the level of alkaline environment. Due to this environment the sperm that will fertilize the egg much faster is of the boy since it favors the Y chromosome. If you are hoping to conceive a girl then you shouldn’t have an orgasm.

Slow it down

Many mothers have their theories about how they’ve conceived, and their life experience in this filed apparently follows the same pattern. Many of them claim that in order to have a baby girl your intercourse should be well-planned and with giving the chances of romantic moments. So don’t hesitate to try this!

Instead, when they’ve conceived their boys, they said that it was all done as a random thing with no candles, songs or any romantic sharing. The idea when conceiving a girl is to plan it all up very carefully and in correlation with the period of your cycle days. So, you basically will have to do some counting to get what you want.

To bring a little girl, start with what a woman always desires: some candlelight, soft music and in a relaxed atmosphere where the time will not become a barrier anymore. Have the time of your life. Having a child, especially a baby girl, doesn’t involve that you have to be stressed about it but just allow yourself to enjoy the romantic moments with your partner.

Be on the same page

What is really important is to be on the same page with your partner, as you both have to agree that you’ll want a girl, because the support in all this is really important for you as a couple, but also during the intercourse itself.

As we all know by now, the gender of the baby is much likely determined by the father who is a carrier of the chromosomes that could be Y or X, while the woman will be the carrier of X only. But there are many cases, in which this will be transmitted in the genes. If your mother had you and many boys, then it will be more likely that you will have boys and with some wishes for the best – a girl.

The synchronization is really vital since you and your partner have emotions and feelings and being on the same side will allow you to overcome those unexpected moments or those unhappy circumstances of life.

Other methods

If you are really desperate for having a girl and nothing so far has succeeded, you still have other options that will allow you to do so. For example, you can choose to adopt a baby girl and then raise it as if she was your own. Of course, this will first involve a certain plan before you act on this decision. A baby that is not yours will require love and attention and you’ll have to be prepared for what life is offering to you.

Or, another step ahead if you have money to spend on is to try the in vitro fertilization that is an expensive procedure that mainly has its roots in a laboratory. Based on the mother’s eggs and the father’s sperm, a live embryo is being built up and then introduced in the women for her to conceive. Usually, before the process of implantation, the embryo is tested for the DNA to see whether it has XX chromosomes (girl) or the XY chromosomes (boy).

This is not an easy method to go through and by many people it was considered to be immoral on many aspects and unnatural on many levels. So the choice is up to you, since this kind of testing is done in some of the clinics only in search of hereditary defects.

Science or not, wives tales or not, you can give it a go and you’ll find out how it went. The fact is that many parents will try almost anything to succeed in having a girl, thing that can be understood if they already have two boys or if they truly want to start the whole baby road with a girl.

Don’t discourage and don’t be afraid to inform yourself on the possible online or offline methods that will give you a good start and that will increase the chances of being able to conceive a girl. You can equal the odds and even encompass them if you are following the tips given that mainly describe the favorable environment for conceiving the baby that you want and not only. These things will allow you to achieve new experience by going on this road.

By having all of that said, you can relax and eat another fruit that will enhance your potential chances of having a little girl and take your partner for the ride of his life. Be always opened to the new and non-harmful methods that will bring many smiles and a huge dose of confidence.

As a mother, a baby girl can be the joy of your life as well as you’ll be able to be a testimony for many mothers who desperately want to have a girl. However, avoid the overall of facts that might lead to exaggeration and keep in mind that many have tried and succeeded with their wishes only!

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