Prince or Princess by Alicia Pennington

Learn how to conceive a girl naturally with Prince of Princess – Discover The Natural Steps Towards Choosing Your Baby’s Gender Before Conception is another book on the market that receives good reviews. This is another book that will help you with creating the gender of your choice.
Alicia Pennington is the author of this book. She is a midwife, who would help many parents bring children into the world. She had one client who had two girls and desperately wanted a boy, but became very depressed after having a third girl. This may sound petty to some, but it was very important to this mother who wanted to have children of both genders.

However, this left an impression on Alicia and so she decided to do some research into natural methods of gender selection. She had not yet started her own family, but decided that she would use the research she did in order to see if it was possible to create the gender of her choice.

It was very important to Alicia that the method she was planning to use was natural, affordable, and did not pose any risk to the baby. She was able to have one child of each gender, and in the order that she wanted them.

Although this is not statistically significant, her continued work as a midwife allowed her to teach couples her gender selection methods. As a result, she claims more than a 94% success rate (112/117 couples conceived the gender of their choice). This number is impressive, because even surgical methods of gender selection cannot provide you with a 100% guarantee.  This is an all-natural method, so 94% is fantastic!

In this ebook that you can download today, you will be taught the following:

  • Understanding Ovulation and the timing of it (Page 7)
  • How to calculate your ovulation date accurately (Page 9)
  • Factors influencing fertility and how to manipulate these factors to dramatically increase your chances of conceiving (Page 10)
  • Falling pregnant and what to expect (Page 16)
  • Description of how conception works (Page 23)
  • Understanding genetics and how a boy or a girl is conceived (Page 31)
  • How pH levels in your body will make a difference in conceiving a boy or girl and how you can control it (Page 34)
  • How the foods your eat can will create the correct environment for X or Y sperm (Page 36)
  • What foods you should eat to conceive a boy or girl (Page 37)
  • Knowing the characteristics of male sperm vs. female sperm and how to use this knowledge to your advantage to conceive a boy or a girl (Page 40)
  • Why timing your intercourse before ovulation will make you conceive a baby (Page 41)
  • How different sexual positions can affect gender selection (Page 46)
  • Which sexual position is best for conceiving baby boy or girl (Part 47)
  • How a woman’s orgasm affects the gender of the baby (Page 51)
  • How your man should ejaculate to conceive a baby boy (Page 54)
  • A concise guide – what to do to conceive a boy or girl (Page 59)

Read more of what you can get from this great book and read testimonials on her site.There, you will also learn that she offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you buy the book and are not happy with it, you are guaranteed your money back.


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