Sex Selection: the Gender of Your Baby

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Becoming a parent can be a wondrous experience, and at the same time this will take your marriage and your couple life to a new level where this time babies are involved all the way. If your house is already filled with boys and you want a baby girl here are some pointers that will help you to learn the best what to try and what to avoid.

These methods are not that accurate, but you will have some chance with them if you give it a go. You won’t lose anything just take them as they come and have fun. Find more ideas here to: Discover how to choose your baby’s gender before conception.

In all this process, your attitude matters the most and also make sure that your partner is open to do his part and try. Working as a team is very important, and it will require both of you to join in.

How to select the gender of your baby

If you didn’t know this by now, there are several factors that will influence and will determine the gender of your baby. The gender of a baby is determined and influenced by the so-called chromosomes that play a vital role in all this process. In order to conceive a baby girl, the alignment of the chromosomes for a girl is XX while if you want a boy the chromosomes required are XY.

The mother has the genes that deliver the chromosome X, so the setting is XX. At the same time, the father who will influence the gender of the baby with other words, the parent who has the final saying in all this process has the settings of XY. This meaning that during the process of procreation can provide either an X chromosome or a Y chromosome.

During intercourse in a woman’s vagina, more than 190 million sperms are ejaculated. These sperm will contain the X chromosome and the Y chromosome but only one of them will get to the egg in time and fertilize it.

The natural methods and procedures that are about to be presented are known for increasing the chances of conceiving a baby girl.

The Shettles Method: a good way to go by

If you never heard of this method here is something that could truly draw you attention. All you need to pay attention to this method is to your menstruation. For this, you’ll need a so-called ovulation test to find out when it starts but also to know the period in which you are fertile and for how many days as well.

Before the ovulation itself it is recommended to start having sex on an everyday basis for 2 and up to 4 days without any exception. It is said that the first day of fertility and the second one are meant for conceiving a baby girl during the later days you could have a baby boy. Why would you ask? The answer is that you need the girl sperm to fertilize the egg. There is a difference that will need to be taken into account when you want to conceive a baby.

The girl sperm chromosomes (X chromosomes) are considered to be the slower swimmers and in the reproductive tract they live longer than the boy sperm chromosomes that are associated with the Y chromosomes. The boy sperms are called fast swimmers but their period of life is limited in the reproductive tract.

Don’t have orgasms

It might be somewhat cumbersome to hear this, but avoiding orgasm will increase the chances for having a baby girl. Why? It’s quite simple when a woman has an orgasm her body realizes an alkaline secretion. This environment is very good for the boy sperm and not for the girl sperm that is more with an acidic environment.

Without having an orgasm, the environment will be acidic, and the girl sperm has an increased chance to reach the egg first.

Sexual positions

During intercourse, you can try various sexual positions that will help you conceive a baby girl and not a baby boy. The most common when conceiving a baby girl is the missionary position because then the level of penetration is limited.

A woman vagina has a PH level that is more acidic at the entrance and, in this case, there is recommended to be a shallow penetration than a deeper penetration. Shallow penetration helps the girl sperm a lot since they will last longer while the deeper penetration help the boy sperms since they can’t swim for a long period.

Diet plan

Food will always play an important part in your plan to have a baby girl since there are vegetables and various ailments that will help your body to create an acidic or an alkaline environment. Since we are talking to conceive a baby girl you should start by consuming more fruits and vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and nuts. From the fruits and rice, your body can take all the calcium and magnesium that is required for your body to fulfill in this process.

You can eat all the acidic foods to build up the environment for the baby girl, and it is usually recommended in the days that are prior to the ovulation. You can consume sodas, citrus foods, vinegar and chocolate and other that will not interfere with this environment.

Try to avoid a salty diet since it will not do any good to your plan of conceiving a baby girl avoid salted meats or even processed foods.

Try hot baths

A warm bath will increase your chances of having a baby girl since the girl sperm is known to be a lot more tolerant to warm temperatures while the boy sperm can’t stand the heat.

Having a baby girl will always be a unique and memorable experience since you’ll find a lot of joy and excitement in becoming a girl’s mother.

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