Tips for the Man

tips for the man

Fertility is a two-way street, meaning that the man has a role to play (other than the obvious role!) in increasing the woman’s chances of getting pregnant. In what follows, are tips for getting pregnant, and what men can do to increase the chances of this happening.


  • Don’t use drugs – Drugs damage sperm, increasing the chances of birth defects.  Marijuana is also known to slow down the motility of sperm.  You need to follow this advice at least three months in advance, because sperm take months  to form and mature.
  • Don’t smoke – Again, smoking is known to increase the chances of birth defects in children, due to the damage it can do to sperm.
  • Ejaculate regularly, but not too often – You need to balance this.  If you don’t ejaculate frequently enough, the sperm get old.  However, if you ejaculate too frequently (a couple of times per day), then your sperm levels may not be high enough when the woman is in her most fertile period.  That is why it is usually recommended that during a woman’s less fertile time, that the man and woman have sex every few days, but start having sex at least once/day during the fertile cycle.  (However, if you are wanting a specific gender of baby, you will need to time sex more accurately – see the Book on the right side of the page on this site).  As a result, men should not masturbate when it is time to get their partners pregnant.
  • Don’t Wear Tight Pants/Undergarments – sperm is formed in the testicles.  The testicles purposely hang outside the body, because sperm needs to be produced in a temperature that is lower than the internal body temperature.  If you are wearing tight pants or underwear, the temperature in the testicles may increase, negatively impacting sperm production.  The other thing that has been recommended is avoiding bicycle seats that put a lot of pressure on the genitals for periods of more than 30 minutes at a time.  Instead, try to find a bicycle seat that allows you to sit more on your buttocks.
  • Avoid Alcohol – Alcohol can reduce male fertility, as well as increase the chances of sperm defects.
  • Limit Stress – Stress and fatigue that results can decrease the man’s libido and desire for sex, as well as increase the chances of impotency.
  • Avoid Hot Tubs and Saunas – Again, you want to ensure that sperm can be produced properly in the testicles, and they need lower temperatures for this to happen.

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