Tips on Conceiving a Girl to Complete Your Family

conceiving a girl

When you and your husband got married you both decided that two children would complete your family.  Two children later, both boys, you are feeling the longing for a daughter but with two boys you and your husband feel like the deck is stacked against you having a girl.  In times past you did not have any help to make the odds more in your favorite of having a girl.  If you are in a situation that you want a little girl there are many ways that you can accomplish this.  There are natural ways, artificial ways, and yes, even old wives tales to help you add a girl to the family.

What is required for you to have a baby girl?

In order for you to have that little girl there are a few variables that you will need to have in order to make this happen.  The X chromosome girl sperm comes from the male.  This sperm is hardier than the Y chromosome boy sperm but is slower.  You need to take both of these things into consideration when you are trying to get the girl sperm to the egg so it can fertilize the egg.  You will also need to make sure that you are creating the right environment so that the boy sperm dies and the girl sperm lives.

Tips on conceiving a girl naturally

One of the most natural and effective tips on conceiving a girl that will push the odds in your favor in having a girl is to plan on having sexual intercourse a few days before you start to ovulate.  When a woman ovulates she is releasing an egg.  You can purchase an ovulation kit at most pharmacies and department stores to help you know when you are ovulating.  During a woman’s cycle there are two days when you are most likely to become pregnant so this where these kits come into play.  When the test sticks detect a surge in your luteinizing hormone that is present in your urine or saliva just before you ovulate is when you are most fertile.  This hormone is what facilitates the release of your egg.  It may take a couple of months before you can predict the approximate date of ovulation and know just when you should have sexual intercourse to become pregnant with a little girl.  The X chromosome girl sperm is hardy enough to stay in your body for several days until the egg is released and is ready for fertilization.  The Y chromosome boy sperm are not as hardy and will die before they can fertilize the egg.    The best and most accurate ovulation kit to purchase is one that uses your saliva.

A woman’s vaginal area and the entrance to their uterus have an acidic environment and are deadly for the Y chromosome boy sperm but not to the X chromosome girl sperm.  To make sure that your Y chromosome boy sperm dies off you should use vaginal test strips to check for an increase in your pH levels.  When the pH level is high this means that the environment is very acidic and the only chromosome/sperm that will survive is the X chromosome girl sperm.  You can help to increase the pH level by eating foods that are rich in calcium and magnesium.  You can even douche using specialty recipes that you can get at health clinics.

Use these pleasurable tips on conceiving a girl to make sexual intercourse more fun and not feel like it is something that you have to do at a certain time because your pH level is up or you are getting ready to ovulate.  When you have sexual intercourse make sure that you use shallow penetration because you want to make sure that the Y chromosome boy sperm die before reaching the egg.  One good position is the missionary position.  The woman also needs to make sure that she does not orgasm because that would make her vagina too alkaline, which would be more favorable to the Y chromosome boy sperm and not the X chromosome girl sperm.   If you and your spouse find the missionary position boring you can spice it up by putting one leg around his waist or by raising your leg until your knee touches his shoulder.

When you combine any or all of these natural tips on conceiving a girl it pushes the odds in your favor to have that little girl you want.


Tips on conceiving a girl using natural and herbal solutions

Most of these natural and herbal solutions are not based on scientific methods but are based on creating a more acidic environment that will kill the Y chromosome boy sperm but will favor the survival of the X chromosome girl sperm.  It is thought that having a vaginal tract that leads to the egg to be fertilized that is drier and has fewer nutrients it will be less likely to help the Y chromosome boy sperm travel toward the egg.

  • Eat white pasta—although white pasta has a large amount of nutrients many women who are trying to become pregnant avoid white pasta because it has a lot of calories.  If you are trying to conceive a girl all these nutrients and calories are more helpful than harmful.  You should try to limit what you eat to two to three portions a week.  When buying pasta make sure that it is enriched with fiber and calcium.  Why you need pasta that is enriched with these two ingredients is because the fiber will improve your digestion and help keep you from gaining weight.  The calcium will help to boost your chances of conceiving a baby girl.
  • Delay becoming a mother—for some, this is not possible but it is scientifically proven that women who have a baby in their middle thirties or early forties are more likely to have a little girl.  The reason is that as a woman gets older her level of testosterone in her body decreases so her chances of having a girl increases.
  • Avoid mint tea—this plant will provide you with a large amount of vitamins A, B12, and C along with folic acid.  All of these are great fertility boosters and stress-relievers but drinking mint tea on a regular basis has been linked with a higher chance in having a little boy.  When you drink mint tea you are giving the Y chromosome boy sperm an internal environment that is better nourished for a boy than a girl.  Replace the tea with a product that is friendlier toward the girl sperm because you do not want to give up important nutrients that your body needs.
  • Eat blueberries—this berry is rich in antioxidants and also has a high amount of vitamin C, E. and A, vitamins B, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, and manganese.  All of these nutrients are necessary for creating a healthy environment but this is not why you should eat blueberries to help you conceive a girl.  Blueberries will increase your chlorogenic acid which will help to increase your chance of having a little girl.
  • Drink coffee—when drinking coffee do it in moderation to help you become pregnant with a little girl.  When you drink coffee it makes your pH more acidic.  A more acidic environment will be more favorable toward  the X chromosome girl sperm.  To achieve this you do not need to drink more than two cups of coffee a day.
  • Use Sudafed—you should use Sudafed right before you have sexual intercourse.  Sudafed will help to dry up your cervical fluid and make your vaginal area friendlier towards the X chromosome girl sperm.  If your vagina is better lubricated the Y chromosome boy sperm will be able to travel faster towards the egg than the slower X chromosome girl sperm.
  • Eat more almonds—almonds are very rich in minerals and vitamins that will help to support the healthy development of your baby.   One hundred grams of almonds will give you two hundred fifty-one mg of calcium and two hundred fifty-five mg of magnesium.  Both of these minerals are crucial in helping to conceive a baby girl.
  • Get more vitamin D—although vitamin D is not linked directly with ensuring that you will conceive a baby girl it does help with the absorption of calcium in your digestive tract.  Calcium is one of the minerals that will help you have a baby girl so take a vitamin D supplement to help you have a high level of calcium or eat foods that are rich in vitamin D.
  • Dandelions—this is a good herbal solution for a woman who wants to conceive a baby girl.  Dandelions will provide you with a good source of vitamins A and B along with cooper, zinc, and magnesium which will help make your vagina friendlier to the X chromosome girl sperm.  In addition to having a large amount of magnesium dandelions will also give you a large amount of calcium.  If you do not like eating dandelion greens you can make a tea from dandelions that you and your husband can drink.  You should have two to three cups each day.
  • Soak up the sun—yes, too much sun can be unhealthy for your skin but if you expose your skin to the sun in moderate doses the sun will help to stimulate the production of certain nutrients that are inside your skin cells.  The one nutrient inside your skin cells that will help you to conceive a little girl is vitamin D.

If these natural tips on conceiving a girl do not appear to be working there are also expensive artificial methods that you can try.  Talk to your physician for more information on the different artificial methods.

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