What Else Do I Need to Know to Conceive a Girl?

How to have a girl

There are many factors that come into play to help you conceive a girl.  It’s important to understand all the factors that will help you achieve this, and to understand the science behind it.  Today, I want to discuss how knowing the differences between sperm will help you conceive a girl or a boy.  As you may already know, sperm can be X or Y chromosomes.  X chromosomes result in a girl baby when they fertilize the female’s egg.  Y chromosomes result in boy babies.

X sperm chromosomes are heartier and live longer in a woman’s body.  On the other hand, Y sperm chromosomes are “weaker” and do not live as long, dying off more quickly inside a woman’s body.

So, to increase your chances to conceive a girl, you will want to ensure that there are no Y sperm still inside your body so that the X sperm fertilize the egg when you ovulate.

This is just one factor that can help you in getting pregnant with a girl.  For best results, you need to combine all techniques for higher success.  The best way is to get the information from someone who has helped lots of couples to achieve the gender that they desire.  Her name is Ashley and she has written a book, which you can find here.

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